Work With Me

I am a ghostwriter, which means that I work with you to bring your thoughts, ideas, products, services, projects, and platforms to a global audience by writing blog posts, articles, and e-books.

If you are…

  • An expert (in anything!) looking to establish your authority and increase your web presence.
  • A business owner seeking to expand your reach and grow your clientele
  • A marketing director interested in outsourcing your content production to a published web and magazine journalist

…Congratulations! You are one step closer to a content solution that will boost your bottom line.

What do I bring to the table?

  • Eight years of professional journalism and ghostwriting experience
  • A collaborative experience that ensures your products sound like you
  • My Lips-Zipped Guarantee, which is built into every contract

Sound good? If so, send me an email now to get the ball rolling. Our first consultation is free, and will give us the chance to discuss your needs, how we can work together, and whether (or not–it happens!) we’re the team you’re searching for.

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