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“How Did You Do That?” in Girls’ Life magazine. Six teens who are making headlines across the U.S. spill their secrets to serious success.

“Making Her Stand” in Girls’ Life magazine. An “as told to” profile of Vivienne Harr, an 11-year-old girl who’s squeezing lemons to end child slavery.

“High Anxiety” in Girls’ Life magazine. An “as told to” profile of a real girl who continually battles chronic anxiety while running a public speaking business

“From Hobby to Big Bucks Business” in Girls’ Life magazine. Brief profiles on seven teen girls who have started their own successful small and large businesses

 “On The Job: FOX Meteorologist Maria Molina Is Not Your Average Weather Woman” on GirlsLife.com. A Q&A focusing on how Molina followed her interests from high school to her current gig on FOX. Nearly 400 social shares.


“8 Passive Aggressive Texts Everybody Sends (And What to Type Instead!)” on TeenVogue.com. A “most popular” lifestyle service post targeting texting don’ts.

“The Right Words” in Girls’ Life magazine. A front-of-book feature offering five perfect scripts for when you have no idea what to say during a difficult time

“Ace Life” in Girls’ Life magazine. A back-to-school feature that supplies readers with advice on knocking the new school year out of the park.

“Lots of Good Friends But No Best Friend? Hey, That’s OK–Here’s Why” on GirlsLife.com. A well-received web piece that explains the differences in friendships to tweens and teens

“Tough Stuff: I Think I Might Be Gay. What Do I Do?” on GirlsLife.com. A well-received webfeature based on an anonymous reader question about sexual identity


“How to Launch a STEM Program With No Funding” on edu.STEMjobs.com. Fundraising options with  practical tips for teachers, PTAs, school groups, and more.

“Hacks to Boost Your Final Grade Before the End of the Year” on TeenVogue.com. Four simple ways to evaluate your learning style and problem, and add a few points to your GPA before grades are due.

“Which Type of College Is Right for You?” on STEMjobs.com. Choose-your-own-adventure tackles the college search, helping applicants decide which type of 2-year or 4 -year institution fits their goals and situation.

“TED Gurus’ Guide to Presenting Your Projects” on STEMjobs.com. Two TED veterans offer school-age students tips for presenting their own projects. 

“5 Things That Are Killing Your Grades–But So Don’t Have To” on GirlsLife.com. A step-by-step guide for school-age kids and older to get their grades back on track

“Breaking the College Code: What’s the Deal With AP, IB, SAT and ACT?” on GirlsLife.com. An explanatory web piece that goes straight to the source to help teens in a college prep curriculum


“How to Answer the Top-5 Interview Questions” on Mediabistro.com. Hiring managers give you the 411 on what they want to hear about when they pop those oh-so-common interview Qs.

“It’s Not Too Late to Nab a Summer Internship–Here’s How” on TeenVogue.com. A three-step feature showing teens how to make the best of a bad situation.

“How to use LinkedIn to launch your career” on Mediabistro.comSure, you have a profile. But here’s how you can make this platform go to work for you.

“The Best College Towns for Internships” on STEMjobs.com. Six under-the-radar STEM meccas that boast incredible academic and resume-boosting opportunities.

“Getting Through Tax Season as a First-Time Freelancer” on Mediabistro.com.  Four tax pros take beginners through the basics.

“7 Red Flags on Your Resume–and HR Advice to Fix ‘Em Fast” on Mediabistro.com. Hiring managers reveal resume wrongs media industry professionals are making.

“10 Toxic Mistakes You Could be Making as a Boss” on Mediabistro.com. Top-level managers and management consultants spill the beans on their pet peeves.

“9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Part-Time Job” on TeenVogue.com. A millennial careers pro shares tips on maximizing a minimum wage gig.

“Double Your Freelance Rate with These Easy Negotiation Tips” on Make A Living Writing. Real world advice on asking for what your worth.


“The Million-Dollar Question: Should You Marry Him?” on SELF.com. Relationship experts and couples therapists discuss four questions you should ask yourself before you answer his.

“The Dating Advice You Need to Hear (From a Woman Who’s Interviewed 200+ Happy Couples)” on Greatist.comA candid interview with Washington Post wedding reporter Ellen McCarthy.

“How to Say ‘No’ When Someone Asks You Out” on TeenVogue.com. What to say to prevent sour feelings in 11 situations.

“Perfect Your Flirt Game” in Girls’ Life magazine. A dating package for teens loaded with advice from real girls and relationship experts.

 “40 Love Lessons in 140 Characters or Less” in Girls’ Life magazine. A long listicle feature celebrating the joys (and pitfalls) of friendships, relationships and ‘ships of all kinds.

“Boys of Summer Bucket List” in Girls’ Life magazine. A to-do list comprising 20 fun ways to catch a crush’s attention (and keep it once you do).

“GL’s Cutie Confessional” in Girls’ Life magazine. This survey-based dating package opened a Valentine’s Day issue well.

“Have a Heart: 14 Ways to Spread the Love” in Girls’ Life magazine. A feel-good listicle offering must-dos for making your friends, family and people you’ve never even met feel fabulous every day.


“The 7 Guidelines Doctors Don’t Follow (and You Shouldn’t, Either)” on Greatist. An interview-heavy piece featuring doctors’ advice straight from their own lives.

“Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Next Dozen Eggs” on Greatist. Egg experts (yes, there is such a thing) dish the nitty gritty on whats lurking on your egg carton label.

“Listeria: WTF Is It and Should I Be Worried About All These Food Recalls?” on Greatist. A research-driven examination of recent listeria outbreaks with advice from a food safety expert and a doctor.

“Are You Fat Biking Yet?” on Q by Equinox. The most luxurious locales to hit the powder on two wheels.

“Behind The Label: The Good (and Bad) in Greek Yogurt, FroYo and Ice Cream”  on GirlsLife.com. A research-heavy piece that investigates nutrition labels for popular summer treats

“8 Gross Things That Won’t Kill You” on GirlsLife.com. A round-up using recent studies that lays the facts on gross everyday occurrences on the (germ-covered) table

“Why You Can’t Just ‘Let It Go’: The Science of Earworms” on GirlsLife.com. A quick news-focused piece that uses information from a recent scientific study

“Insta-Awesome! 10 Healthy Dares From Your Favorite Celebs” on GirlsLife.com. A social-sourced article that offers inspirational advice from favorite teen celebrities


“Through a Spider’s Eyes” in The Scientist. A look at how a team of Cornell University graduate students cracked the brain of a jumping spider.

“We’re Messing Up The Rivers” on hangPROUD.com. An investigative look at our effect on fresh water sources.

“What’s Wrong With Ethanol?” on hangPROUD.com. A glance at the history of ethanol-fueled engines and inventions on the horizon.


“Be a Super Sitter” in Girls’ Life magazine. A babysitting how-to guide for tweens and teens that features real girl advice.

“Express Yourself!” in Girls’ Life magazine. A food feature in Girls’ Life’s inaugural personal style issue focusing on three young chefs, their inspiration and a season recipe.

“Spring Bake” in Girls’ Life magazine. An excerpt of four recipes from a new cookbook and the author’s popular food blog.

“Makeover Takeover” in Girls’ Life magazine. A room makeover feature that offers timed DIYs for readers to undertake throughout the summer.

“Sweeten Up Your Space” in Girls’ Life magazine. An excerpt of three crafts to brighten up bedrooms and desk spaces this spring.

“Throw an Awesome End-of-Summer Bash” in Girls’ Life magazine. A party plan covering everything from invites to decor, food and activities.

“Fall Dance Survival Guide” in Girls’ Life magazine. A comprehensive how-to for tweens and teens planning for their first school dance.

“Rawr! 10 Silly Selfies to Perfect This Summer” on GirlsLife.com. A fun to-do list that tells tweens and teens how to perfect their iPhone photo opps. More than 200 social shares.


“What LoveLeeSoaps!” on hangPROUD.com. A review of the cutest soaps on Earth.

“Meredith Tucker: Singing a Sweet Anthem” on hangPROUD.com. A product review of a boutique perfumery.

“Book Corner: A Catch of Consequence on hangPROUD.com. A 300-word review of a popular historical fiction novel.


“Did You Know? Biking” in New Jersey Life

“Did You Know? Cranberry Harvest” in New Jersey Life

“Did You Know? Christmas Trees” in New Jersey Life

“Oh, Hi! Debby Ryan Does Spring” in Girls’ Life magazine. An upbeat burst of 150 words to kick-start the features well.

“Oh, Hi! Bella and Zendaya in L-O-V-E” in Girls’ Life magazine. Peppy copy opens the features well of the Valentine’s Day issue.

“Things We Love” in New Jersey Life


“Embrace the Pallor” on hangPROUD.com. A 500-word love letter to pale, porcelain skin and the ladies who rock it.

“PMS Woes of Joes” on hangPROUD.com. An investigation into Irritable Male Syndrome.