The No. 1 reason the world needs pro writers and editors

Grammar mistakes make you look ridiculous. Who is going to trust a business to provide a service or product if they can’t get the there/they’re/their thing right? Trust me, it’s not just the grammar snobs among us who will take their money elsewhere. Here are my top-five avoid-at-all-costs grammar pet peeves:

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Don’t be “that person”: 5 must-reads from around the web

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For as much as the world en masse encourages us to be ourselves, there’s still a huge stigma attached to being the individual who sticks out in the wrong way. Maybe you’re trying too hard. Maybe your attempt to be quirky fell flat. Maybe you’re paying too much attention to the wrong things. Whatever the “don’t” is, it’s time to correct it before it starts impacting your brand and your business. With that in mind, here are five articles from around the ‘net to get you on the right track.

“Are you trying too hard on social media? This website will let you know” via Entrepreneur

Even the most social media literate individuals sometimes worry that they’re coming off too aggressively on social media, annoying their followers. Well for all those folks that are wondering if they are a total drag, you are in luck. Enter the Social Effort Scale.

“Don’t be this person on LinkedIn: Headline Don’ts and Do’s” via MarketingProfs

Your headline serves as your working career one-line elevator speech. And let’s emphasize the adjective LinkedIn uses to describe it: Professional.

“Ignoring social media customer service? Get ready to lose customers” via

Whether you acknowledge it or not, people are going to share their experiences with your business on social media. Brands that make the effort to reach out and engage those users can make a major impact on those individual clients, as well as the wider audience that was exposed to the Facebook or Twitter post. A single response could mean the difference between losing one client and gaining 10.

“5 considerations for social media crisis planning” via Econsultancy

At a time when a tweet can go viral quicker than the time it takes to put a press release together, the role of reputation management in social strategies is more important and yet more challenging than ever before.

“Confessions of a social media strategist” via Digiday

Here’s the catch. The people who are engaging with that content are predominantly worthless. Seriously. That’s not to say that all users on social are worthless. But the ones who mindlessly “like” a brand’s Facebook post because an overt call-to-action told them to are. And wouldn’t you know it, those are the users who are dictating a brand’s social content strategy.

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