Facebook Matters. Period.

I admit it, I’m selfish when it comes to Facebook. Whenever my mom asks me whether or not she should be on Facebook, I say no, definitely not, no way. And does she need one? Ok, truth: No one needs Facebook. But in an increasingly digitized world, Facebook is a platform that builds and maintains communities internationally. Maybe a Facebook account would help my mom to find old friends she’s lost touch with and keep track of the comings and goings of the spread-out Taylor family. Do you want more truth? I don’t want the hassle. You know, What’s a profile? What’s a wall? Why does anyone want an Internet farm? And I don’t want the questions. Why on earth did you put that picture up there? Why did you say that to Emily? Why are you friends with her?

After reading a thread on one of my favorite writer forums, the Absolute Writer Water Cooler, my outlook has changed. I’ve begun to see my mom’s Facebook curiosity not as something annoying and time consuming, but as an expression of interest in where the world is currently heading: online, online, online. The thread’s subject is: “I refuse to join Facebook…is that so horrible?”

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What Social Media Can Do for You

Sure, you’ve heard all about the mythical wonders of Facebook and Twitter, but aren’t you curious about the benefits these social media networks can have for you and your business?

The Internet now revolves around Web 2.0, which allows the user–you and me–to interact with Web sites and their creators. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll be able to leave me a comment. This is a simple example of what Web 2.0 does for the WWW community. By allowing users to talk back and to each other, it creates a dynamic conversation where there was once only static output.

Social networking sites bring users together and provides them with a platform through which they can actively communicate in real time. Facebook and Twitter are two popular examples, but there are hundreds more. Musicians have used MySpace for years, taking advantage of song-playing capabilities that allow them to showcase and publicize their product, creating a group of fans without the necessity of record-label backing. You might have heard whispers about a newer platform called FourSquare, which uses geolocation to illustrate, advertise and increase the popularity of places like shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to create and maintain business connections throughout their careers. Even blogs are categorized within the realm of social media.

By harnessing the communities on these sites and others, you can make new friends, discover new interests and draw attention to your business. Using social media as part of your marketing strategy is investment heavy, not necessarily in capital, but in time. That’s where I come in. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established company in need of an improved Web presence, I can build your business with minimal oversight and maximal results. My service-oriented approach to social media marketing is effective because it builds a community of individuals interested in what you have to say and what you can offer. No matter the project, I will seek to both inform and entertain your target audience with relevant news, tips and commentary, and promotional material that drives traffic directly to your Web holdings.

Are you looking to gain a following, increase your Web traffic or sell a product? Let’s get to work! Send me an email detailing your dilemma, and I will develop a proposal that builds on your insights, needs and goals to achieve the results you’ve been waiting for!