Even Professionals Need An Editor

typewriter1I was skimming through my afternoon blog digest when I came across this giggle-worthy mistake from Babble.com blogger Sierra:

The path to parenthood used to be fairly narrow: get married, get knocked up, gestate for 9 months and Viola! You have a baby.

Now, when I first read it, I thought, “Oh, what a great play on ‘voila’! Maybe the kid’s name is Viola! How cute!”

I read the rest of the piece and it turns out that the wordplay gods did not rule in Sierra’s favor today. I’m pretty sure she did, in fact, mean to type “voila”, for which, entertainingly enough, the Wiktionary, an open-content dictionary, offers synonymous interjections such as, “Lo! There it is”, “ta-da” and “presto”.

So, I was right, you see. Every writer needs a critic! And every writer (and editor) enjoys poking harmless fun at the mistakes of others, so it’s all in good fun, folks. Join the party and leave a comment with the funniest (or most disastrous) mistake you’ve seen recently!


4 thoughts on “Even Professionals Need An Editor

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  3. I agree entirely with your view that the ‘professional’ media should maintain certain standards! Sadly I doubt that editors actually edit any more, rather they put their faith in electronic devices. While there are still plenty of fine print media correspondents, there are a growing number who are just not up to scratch.
    I also delight in gaffes in print but am a bit sad that many of those we see arise out of ignorance of what is correct.
    In New Zealand we have a weekly entertainment magazine that has a fun column that is comprised of ‘out-takes’ from around the country (print, adverts, signage, and so on) and some of these are GREAT and (most often) innocently punny or ironical (yeah, I now ‘punny’ isn’t a word, but it seemed appropriate here!) An example- an extract from the Dominion Post, the Wellington daily- “The scraggly slice of Kiwi bush behind Premier House in Thorndon impressed United States Secretary of State Hillary clinton as she arrived for an evening of sausages and smooching with our politicians.”


  4. Laura

    I wish I could narrow down my list to just one funny or disastrous mistake. I have thousands. I’ve been blogging about the boneheaded mistakes (all in good fun, of course!) made by the professional writers and editors at Yahoo for some time. They could all use a competent editor. Or a proofreader. Or just a spell-checker! Some of the boo-boos are simple typos, but some are so horrendous that it makes me weep for the future of the language. Please take a peek (or “peak” as Yahoo’s folks would write)! — Laura (at http://terriblywrite.wordpress.com)


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